Finance minister P Chidambaram goes to Mumbai to deliberate, with its corporati, upon urban renewal, and promises sparkling growth for this bursting metropolis. On the way to the venue, he is

But NEP has little to empower communities in resource use

Last fortnight, I wrote about my visit to a governance graveyard called the Union ministry of environment and forests. I also promised to pen a few more thoughts on the subject. Given that the

CMP: thrust correct, implementation a challenge

Will more funds induce Uttar Pradesh to combat pollution?

Last fortnight, I said I did not know how the two Cola giants would respond to our study on pesticides in soft drinks. Now I do. I have learnt how global corporations deal with public concerns.

On the eve of his retirement on June 29, director general of forests M K Sharma announced that the Union ministry of environment and forests (MoEF) was going to let private parties breed and harvest

Even remote areas can be electrified through biomass gasification

Have Indian meteorologists at last found their role model ? After getting a lot of flak from politicians and the public for last year s erroneous prediction of rainfall, the New Delhi based India Meteorological Department has revamped its monsoon forecas

Breaking with tradition, Union finance minister Jaswant Singh chose not to conform to the two part format while delivering his maiden budget speech on February 28. But there was no departure from practice in this year s Union budget as it was at the end o