Is it not sad that the money given by a British middle class woman to Oxfam has to come to India to help Indian NGOs work with India's poor?

THE Union government is reformulating environmental clearance procedures in order to speed up green clearances for projects. Officials in the environment ministry have completed almost 90 per cent of the work. The new procedure is expected to be ready within a month.

IN ORDER to tap the potential of unirrigated lands, the Union government is formulating a new national policy on agriculture. The thrust of the policy will be finalised after discussion with states.

the ministry of environment and forests (mef) has redrafted the legislation on regulating access to India's biological wealth. The redrafted version has been sent to chief ministers of all

the Union government has shut down 125 highly polluting industries across the country while forcing 1,261 such units to install the pollution control facilities, according to a report. The ministry of environment and forests has identified about 1,551 large and medium industries in the 17 categories of highly polluting industries. Nearly 165 of them are still in process of installing the requisite facilities to control pollution, said the ministry's annual report.

The ministry of environment and forests has barred entry to ships that carry hazardous wastes, like polychlorinated biphenyl, which are banned under the Basel Convention. The decision has been taken

The health ministry is in a dilemma on whether to impose a ban on chewing tobacco products

The government must undertake a serious study of human nature interaction before declaring any area a national park

The government proposes reductions in subsidies on power, irrigation and higher education

While the apex court has brought to Patancheru's effluent riddled land some relief in the forms of compensation and drinking water, it has not yet remarked on the government agencies' non functioning complacence