The Chilika lake is still dying. But there are indications that once the Ramsar International Mission submits its report, the lagoon may be out of the Montreaux Record. The joint secretary, union

A new policy fails to address key problems of healthcare

Sinha will make life even more miserable for Indians. Wealth will come about but at the cost of the environment

The Haryana State Pollution Control Board (HSPCB) has drawn up a comprehensive environmental management plan for Panipat. The board, however, has compromised on its standards in the very beginning.

The environment bench of the chief justice has directed the West Bengal Pollution Control Board to serve notice on well-known environmentalist, M C Mehta. The notice would include information that

LPG is a long way from being used as a fuel in automobiles

The most retrograde position, believe it or not, has been that of the ministry of environment and forests

If the media wants to save Cogentrix, then it should take those in government to task for this state of affairs. Not India s democracy

More than a million people die every year because the government cannot ensure clean air and water. In the years to come, this number will rise further, unless strong steps are taken to start controlling pollution right away

ONGC is refused permission by the Assam pollution control board for further drilling