This report addresses the potential implementation of a landfill gas (LFG) collection, control and utilization project at the Deonar Landfill located in Mumbai, India. The U.S. EPA

A pill can now help cows stop burping and thereby cut a significant amount of methane emissions into the atmosphere and contribute to checking global warming. Known as bolus, the plant-based

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) is working in conjunction with the Government of India as part of the Methane to Markets Partnership (M2M), an international initiative to assist partner countries in reducing global methane emissions. M2M promotes the beneficial use of landfill methane, while also reducing landfill methane emissions to the atmosphere.

what an odour: A court in Tasmania recently fined a food packaging company for creating environmental nuisance. Classic Foods was charged after allowing wastewater to pool and stagnate, creating an

The purpose of the project activity is to set up 5,500 biogas plants (digesters) of 2m3 capacity each for single households. Each household will utilize the dung of its cows to feed the digester for the production of biogas for cooking purpose and heating of hot water. The aim of the project is to replace the

What should be the price of natural gas in India? Till now, gas was pumped by the public sector company, the Oil and Natural Gas Commission and piped and sold by another public sector concern, the

The first-ever greenhouse gas (ghg) emission reductions purchase agreement has been signed by China recently. Under the pact, Jincheng Anthracite Coal Group Company Limited will capture coalmine

Methane emitters to convert greenhouse gas into energy

Controlling the polluting sulphur emissions of ships has become imperative after recent research has proved that they are as harmful as the potent greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. One way to control the pollution is the use of abatement technology that trea

It may disregard its massive carbon emissions and try to explain away the greenhouse effect. But when it comes to defence equipment, the us is choosing to play it environmentally safe. The