THE discovery of the first chemical pesticide, dichloro diphenyl trichloroethane or ddt, is merely 60 years old. In this short history of chemical pesticides, most of the time the central point of

A new report claims that cigarette manufacturers had the know how to make cigarette smoking safer, but did not introduce them

A cholera

toxic waste from metal mining poses a major threat to environment and human health across Europe, and existing laws can do little to solve the problem, according to the World Wide Fund for

Thousands of people living near the Pancevo industrial zone outside Belgrade have been evacuating their homes for fear that (NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organi

An Austrian report calls for a ban on the pesticide lindane

Industrial pollution is supposed to have killed about 13,500 fish and prawns in an aquaculture project in Sungai Petani province in January. According to fisheries department public relations

Residents of Peera Garhi, a village in outer Delhi, are having to deal with a nightmare. A highly polluting plastics industry is to blame

Five South African victims of asbestos poisoning have been told

In its pamphlet, the EPA underplays the health risks due to pesticides