Residents of Peera Garhi, a village in outer Delhi, are having to deal with a nightmare. A highly polluting plastics industry is to blame

Five South African victims of asbestos poisoning have been told

In its pamphlet, the EPA underplays the health risks due to pesticides

It's time South Asian countries took Iaction to tackle the POP menace. To begin with, they should tell the West that South Asia is not a dirty clumpyard where they can get rid of their toxic wastes

Researchers are not sure if aliminium is a friend or foe

THE Calcutta Municipal Corporation (cmc) has decided to ban plastic carrybags from next year. The move comes before the formulation of a national policy on the ban of plastic bags. According

Pollutants released by world's industrialised nations end up in Inuit's food

The Delhi high court has issued notices to the Central Pollution Control Board, Municipal Corporation of Delhi, Delhi Development Authority and the Police Commissioner in a petition regarding

The Pakistani ministry of environment & urban affairs is likely to prepare a roster of experts on persistent organic pollutants {POPs) to keep a watch over their effects on human health. Although the

Despite its negative effect on human health, chemical farming based on the use of pesticides and fertilisers is widespread. In volume terms, developing countries use these chemicals less than the