even clean hospitals can pass on infections to patients. Health experts around the world are trying to find ways to reduce hospital acquired infections (hais). Despite all the efforts to tackle

Johan Von Schreeb, a surgeon who has worked for the group Medicins Sans Frontieres, is a public health scholar with the Karolinska Institutet, Sweden. His recently published PhD thesis enquired

A section of American doctors raise a hueand cry against the defaulting tobacco industry

WIDESPREAD depression is a cause of concern to psychiatrists. According to the book, Down with Gloom or How to Defeat Depression, by Brice Pitt and Mel Calman of the Royal College of Psychiatrists,

Prescription of antibiotics in Northern Ireland increased 207 per cent during 1988-91, say researchers at the University of Belfast. Drugs for heart patients and antacids also registered boosts of

A recent study suggests a link between genes and foul temper.

Doctors and pharmaceutical companies have been slow to respond to growing evidence that peptic ulcers are better treated with antibiotics, rather than the traditional antacids.

Engineers are trying to develop a mechanical hand that can handle objects with human sensitivity and prove to be a boon to scientists and doctors.