European farmers are likely to fall behind in the competitive world grain market as EU consumer hostility to genetically modified organisms (GMOs) drives away research and prevents cultivation of h

The metals company whose broken reservoir killed 10 people last year when several Hungarian towns were flooded with caustic red sludge has been fined the equivalent of about $647 million for enviro

Classical ecological theory predicts that changes in the availability of essential resources such as nitrogen should lead to changes in plant community composition due to differences in species-specific nutrient requirements. What remains unknown, however, is the extent to which climate change will alter the relationship between plant communities and the nitrogen cycle.

The highly toxic red sludge that has reached the famed river Danube after a reservoir holding industrial waste burst in Hungary is a major environmental disaster, exposing major weaknesses in the European Union's environment protection regime.

Kolontar (Hungary): Workers raced to build an emergency dam in western Hungary on Sunday as cracks in a reservoir widened, threatening to unleash a second torrent of toxic sludge on the village of Kolontar and nearby rivers.

Toxic red sludge from a Hungarian alumina plant reached the Danube on Thursday and crews struggled to dilute it to protect the river from what the prime minister called an "unprecedented ecological catastrophe."

Experts said damage beyond the borders of Hungary was unlikely to be great but the threat had to be monitored closely.

Tibor Dobson, a spokesman for Hungarian disaster crews, told Re

Hungary: A toxic red sludge spill from an alumina plant in western Hungary reached the Danube river on Thursday and crews were trying to dilute it to protect the major European waterway.

Tibor Dobson, a spokesman for Hungarian disaster crews, said there were no reports of fish death in the Raba and Mosoni-Danube rivers affected by the spill earlier, but all fish had died in the smaller Marc

KOLONTAR (Hungary): The toxic red sludge that burst out of a Hungarian factory's reservoir reached the mighty Danube on Thursday after wreaking havoc on smaller rivers and creeks, said an emergency official.

The European Union and environmental officials both fear an environmental catastrophe affecting half a dozen nations if the red sludge, a waste product of making aluminum, contaminates the

Budapest: Hungary declared a state of emergency on Tuesday after a toxic mud spill killed four people and injured 120 in what officials described as Hungary

As tree habitats shift towards the poles in response to climate change, we must study the neglected, trailing edges of forests, warns Csaba M