Eyeing to boost its trade and presence in the European Union (EU), its largest trade partner, India is exploring ways to pull bilateral trade with Hungary to $1 billion in the next two years.

Germany has outlawed the cultivation of Monsanto's genetically modified maize, Mon810 - the only GM crop approved in the European Union.

Efforts by Monsanto to introduce genetically modified maize into the European Union hit a fresh roadblock yesterday when member states upheld bans imposed by Austria and Hungary.

Forthcoming decisions set to bring disagreements to a head.

Climate change is one of the most crucial ecological problems of our age with great influence. Seasonal dynamics of aquatic communities are

One of the adverse effects of climate change is the proliferation of heat waves. Our investigations show that according to the most widely accepted climate change scenarios heat waves are expected to be essentially longer and hotter than in the past. It might happen that events we now define as heat waves last through entire summer.

On November 15, barely 10 days after the election of a new US president, the world

Here the authors report the first worldwide reconnaissance study of the presence and occurrence of pesticides in fruit-based soft drinks. While there are strict regulations and exhaustive controls for pesticides in fruits, vegetables, and drinking water, scarce attention has been paid to highly consumed derivate products, which may contain these commodities as ingredients.

The hunting of songbirds for consumption as a delicacy in restaurants, principally in Italy, is an issue of serious conservation concern. This activity, which involves highly organized criminal activity in South-east and Central Europe, has received insufficient attention to date, however. Hunters are illegally shooting birds and smuggling them to northern Italy and Malta.