After 250 research articles, Jim Dumesic, a professor of chemical engineering at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA, would much rather teach a classroom of seniors than promote a start up company. But such is the commercial potential of his recent

Iceland to become the first hydrogen economy, to do away with fossil fuels

Scientists develop a catalyst for converting cheap acids into hydrogen

world's leading automobile and petrochemical giants, General Motors ( gm ) and Exxon Mobil, have developed a highly efficient gasoline fuel processor for fuel cell vehicles that would reduce

They may not seem like much today, but only a fool will undermine the potential of fuel cells

Narrow business interests and an apathetic political leadership will never allow fuel cells to take off

In which we trace where the world stands with fuel cells and some clear signals of the technology to come

Fuel cells are more important to a developing country like India than developed countries. But the corporate sector is slow.

Source: N Mattson 1998, GENIE: An energy systems model with uncertain learning, quoted in Anon 1999, A GENIE for Imperfect Foresight, IEA/OECD ETSAP News, June