LESTER Brown, founder of Worldwatch Institute, recently published the book 'Eco-Economy' - an ambitious and broad sketch of a new global economy that prioritises the ecological imperatives of our

Fuel cell buses set to steer Europe into zero emission era

the Ministry of Non-conventional Energy sources (mnes) and the scientists of Benaras Hindu University (bhu) have successfully tested two hydrogen-powered motorcycles. This has opened new doors

a letter of intent has been signed between the British energy group British Petroleum (bp) and the Economic Development Board (edb) to build hydrogen refueling stations for future Singapore

Iceland's ambitious plan of becoming the world's first

India develops its first phosphoric acid based fuel cell

the world faces two big challenges in the new millen

A simple chemical reaction is the basis of fuel cell technology. Fuel cells run on hydrogen to provide electricity. The only byproduct is water vapour. Clean, environment friendly, exciting. But haven t we heard too much about them already without anythin

scientists at the University of California, Berkeley and the us National Renewable Energy Laboratory, have found a way to use green algae to produce hydrogen gas from sunlight and water.

Hydrogen is considered by many as the fuel for the future. It is clean, inexpensive and plentiful. However, it is very dangerous to store. Now, scientists at the Massachusetts Insti