The proposed deal in Cancun had to be rejected. What was proposed at the World Trade Organization talks would have been a deadly price for developing countries to pay. Therefore, for once, our

By using hydrogen fuel cells the best alternatives to fossil fuels we may be heading towards another environmental disaster

Iceland has moved one step closer to its goal of using only renewable sources of energy by the year 2030. It recently inaugurated the world's first hydrogen fuel station in the capital city of

Tonight I am proposing $1.2 billion in research funding so that America can lead the world in developing clean, hydrogen powered automobiles, declared us President George Bush in his State of the Union Address to the congress in January 2003. The announ

The alternative energy industry is stepping on the gas. Top automakers have joined hands to deve-lop fuel cell technology for cars, enabling them to cover similar distances as gasoline-run cars. The

An ecofriendly process to convert paper mill waste into hydrogen

Scientists produce antimatter to put the Big bang theory under the scrutiny

The Indian government has a set a target for renewable energy: 10,000 megawatt by 2012. So far so good. Renewables can electrify the rural marginalised who cannot be connected to the national grid. But how will it meet this target? Especially, when it too

Is the state of technology an obstacle in implementing renewable future? Or is the current price of this technology out of our reach?

Why renewables cannot penetrate the market