Japan On Brink Of N-Catastrophe As 3rd Reactor Explodes In 3 Days, 3 More On Boil

Tokyo: A small crew of technicians braved radiation and fire through the day on Tuesday as they fought to prevent three nuclear reactors in northeastern Japan from melting down and stop storage ponds loaded with spent uranium fuel pods from bursting into flames.

Tokyo Electric Power Company officials announ

London: Scientists are inching closer to produce a new fuel from carbon dioxide and sunlight which they claim will help meet world

London, June 10: British automobile engineers have designed hydrogen fuelcell powered cars which they claim will be tested on UK roads by the public for the first time.

Ensuring energy security and addressing climate change cost-effectively are key global challenges. Tackling these issues will require efforts from stakeholders worldwide. To find solutions, the public and private sectors must work together, sharing burdens and resources, while at the same time multiplying results and outcomes.

Close on the heels of display of its military might by China on the 60th anniversary of the People

Taipei: Taiwanese researchers said on Friday that they have developed hydrogenpowered mobile phone chargers, in a development that could boost the island

Hydrogen is hailed as a non-polluting synthetic fuel that could replace oil, especially for transport applications. The technology to make this a reality

Chicken feathers could provide a high-capacity store------

Norway opened a 560 kilometre (350 mile) "hydrogen highway" on Monday with more than a dozen hydrogen-powered cars rallying along a scenic route between its capital city Oslo and North Sea oil hub Stavanger.

A hydropower plant on the upper reaches of China's Yellow River was this week approved by the United Nations to sell carbon credits, making it the biggest hydro project to do so, Xinhua reported on Friday.