Porous solids have become a rich playground for chemists, who can tailor the materials' makeup for use in gas storage, filtering and catalysis.

twin of the sun: Astronomers have found the Sun's long-lost twin. The star HIP 56948, considered to be the best solar twin, is about 200 light-years away. The mid-sized star is one of many in the

hydrogen can now be conveniently used as fuel without the usual hassle of storage and distribution. Scientists have developed a method to produce hydrogen on the spot for internal combustion engines

The world's first open-source car dubbed

German automaker BMW has announced the launching of its prototype Hydrogen 7, the world's first luxury car powered by liquid hydrogen. The vehicles will be manufactured in a European country. A

scientists have identified a polymer with a very large capacity for storing hydrogen that could be exploited in fuel cells. After a series of computer simulations, Jisoon Ihm and colleagues at the

A water-powered car named Microcab, running at 53 kilometers ( km) per litre, has been created by John Jostins, senior lecturer of design and digital media at Coventry University, uk. The car,

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Frenzied developments on the energy front in India are indicative of the domestic automobile industry chasing us President George W Bush's hydrogen economy dream, which is thought to be more of a

The next N venture