Bengaluru: Aquatic life in the city's lakes is in deep water.

Study says govt unaware of huge revenue potential in restoring city's dirty lakes

BENGALURU: "You may expect similar episodes in some more lakes fed untreated sewage," warned T V Ramachandra of Indian Institute of Science, who released a report on Devarabeesanahalli lake, where

Commute traffic is the traffic that involves travel to the workplace and back

Any attempt to reclaim landfill for development should factor in physico-chemical characteristics of waste, says the study.

Electric buses generate 27 percent more revenue and 82 percent more profits than diesel buses per day, according to an Indian Institute of Science (IISc) study evaluating electric vehicles for urba

Artemisinin, a drug isolated from the sweet wormwood plant artemisia annua, has been in common use to treat malaria.

Bengaluru: The controversial pesticide endosulfan, widely used by Indian farmers, not only induces male infertility but also exerts damage on the liver and lungs, says a team of researchers from th

Bellandur lake, which has dirty foam flowing through it, is one of the most polluted lakes in the City.

The lakes in Koramangala-Challaghatta (KC) valley are the most polluted than the ones in Vrishabavathi and Hebbal valleys, says an IISc study.