Noting that India’s position in the field of science has been overtaken by China, the Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh, has sought an increase in spending on scientific research to at least two pe

Former Presient A P J Abdul Kalam believes it might be possible to run all vehicles in India using biofuel in ten years.

According to scientists, evaporated water helps in cooling earth as a whole, not just the local area of evaporation, a study said.

A new study by scientists at the Indian Institute of Science, the Carnegie Institution for Science at Stanford University and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have demonstrated that evaporation of water from trees and irrigated crop areas could cool the planet which could have major implications on decision making for land use.

Bangalore : Have you been scrambling to meet the December 31 rainwater harvesting deadline set by the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board, fearing that your water supply and sanitary connections may be cut?

Before the turn of the century no less than 56 per cent of India's forests will be transformed under global warming, and among the most vulnerable will be the Western Ghats, says a new study published in the latest edition of Current Science .

After a smooth delivery, Sheela began her journey from the Little Andaman islands on the rim of the Indian Ocean in January. On Saturday, she was spotted near the Indonesian coast, having clocked more than 2,000km in 145 days.

Experts meeting under the National Mission for a Green India warn that ten years down the line India

AMIDST controversies over the melting of Himalayan glaciers, a study by a scientist from the Indian Institute o f S c i e n c e, B a n g a l o r e, claimed that nearly 10,000 glaciers in the Himalayan mountain system, spread across India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, China and Myanmar, have recorded signs of retreat.

Five more years, and Bangalore will be faced with a full blown water crisis, hitherto restricted to pockets on its outskirts.

Armed with research findings, Indian Institute of Science (IISc) scientists fired the warning salvo yet again on Wednesday. The message to the State was clear: Preserve the existing water bodies, take immediate remedial measures or perish.

Development should take place but keeping environment factor in mind, said Indian Institute of Science Professor Mohan Kumar inaugurating the seminar on