Development activities, human settlements narrowing pathways

Most of the elephant migratory corridors in the State are under threat, experts have found, even as the High Court’s June deadline for the government to submit a report on man-elephant conflict in Hassan and Kodagu is fast approaching.

The teeming millions on foot and pedal are powering mobility in Indian cities. Their numbers exceed those who use cars. Yet they are victims of policy neglect. The result is high number of road accidents. Improving public transport systems and road design will encourage more people to walk and cycle. But are cities prepared to make this transition? There is a change of trend in certain pockets of India where communities are organising themselves to assert their right to walk and cycle. These zero carbon emitters have checked the country’s pollution from soaring.

The fund will go to joint research and development in solar energy, advanced biofuels and building energy efficiency
Hyderabad, May 9:

The Ministry of Science and Technology has selected three consortia that will receive a grant of Rs 125 crore from the Centre.

When Dr N H Ravindranath, a senior scientist from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, addressed Himachal Pradesh’s top bureaucrats and policy makers here a couple of years ago, his warnings

High-rise buildings and mismanagement of solid waste in the city are two factors adding to greenhouse gases, increasing the local temperature and pollution in the city. Experts who presented different aspects of urban planning and creating low carbon cities at the conference on Low Carbon Cities at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) recently emphasised that future cities must lower their carbon footprint if their citizens are to lead healthy lives.

In a move that could accelerate the process of reducing the carbon footprint, IISc Bangalore has joined GreenTouch.

99,850 Hectares Of Green Cover Eroded Between ’07 & ’09: IISc Study.

The Union Ministry of Science and Technology today announced the selections for three consortia projects under the Indo-US Joint Clean Energy Research and Development Center (JCERDC).

Energy security is a major challenge that needs imaginative and innovative solutions for a country like India. Therefore, options for diversification of fuels and energy sources need to be pursued vigorously to enhance the economic growth rate for socio-economic development.