The historical city of Gwalior, along with three other cities in Madhya Pradesh

Indore under water emergency THE Malwa region of western Madhya Pradesh is facing acute water shortage. Most reservoirs in the region dried up as early as December following a scant monsoon. While Ujjain residents are getting water supply for an hour in four days, Indore has declared water emergency from February to June 2009. This is the first time an Indian city has declared water

Indore and Mysore do not want to face the challenge of urban governance USUALLY it is in the summer that water appears in newspaper headlines. Spring is yet to arrive

A reality check of the status of the government schemes as well as problems of the villagers by Indore collector and his administrative paraphernalia on Saturday and Sunday under the Gram Sampark Abhiayaan, has not only brought to the fore the pitiable condition of basic infrastructure - like road, electricity and water in the villages but also chinks in the government schemes aimed at benefiting

The effect of automobile pollution on floral pigments of Caesalpinia pulcherrima Suotz. and Nerium indicum Miq. was studied. A decrease in Anthocyanin content in flowers of plants growing near Agra-Mumbai Road NH-3 was observed. There was 8 to 35% reduction noted in floral pigments. Nerium indicum flowers were found more affected than Caesalpinia pulcherrima.

The present study gives an idea of changes taking place in pollen characteristics of Delonix regia and Peltophorum inerme under the influence of air pollution. Pollen germination, viability, size and pollen tube length were the parameters studied. The reduction in pollen viability and pollen tube length was more significant in P. inerme than D.

Q&A/ M Ramachandran The Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) may have failed to charm the Delhi commuter, but it is working well in many cities around the world. About Rs 3,500 crore have been committed from the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) for its introduction in another 8-10 Indian cities. Urban Development Secretary M Ramachandran discusses the system with Anjuli Bhargava and the steps necessary to make it work: Which cities are suited to an MRTS and which ones to a BRTS?

The Union Ministry of Urban Development has chalked out a quality bus system plan, under which the bus rapid transit system project has started in eight cities

This paper attempts a preliminary assessment of indoor conditions and thermal comfort in a room coupled with direct evaporative cooler in four different climatic zones of India. A room in a building has been simulated to obtain diurnal hourly values of room air dry bulb temperature and relative humidity for the summer months of March, April, May and June in selected locations in (i) hot and dry, (ii) composite, (iii) warm and humid, and (iv) moderate climatic zones.

An ambitious plan to lower municipal electricity bills THE Centre will monitor electricity consumption pattern of municipalities from March. This is to reduce the 10 per cent power deficit and 16 per cent peak power deficit in the country.