Greenhouse gas levels in atmosphere have reached the highest point in 800‚000 years

A campaign of cleaning the Dhobikhola stream has begun from Saturday in connection with the ongoing programme of cleaning the different rivers and streams in the Kathmandu Valley.

The Clean Bagmati Campaign is in its 48th week and during this period the Bagmati river and its surroundings have undergone a transformation that was hard to imagine for many of the Kathmandu deniz

Total land acquisition costs for the Kathmandu-Tarai Fast Track are likely to exceed Rs 2 billion by the time the much-touted highway is completed.

Health experts have warned that the Kathmandu Valley could turn into a city of cardiac and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases in next five years if nothing is done immediately to curb air pollu

Street children and kids living in slums in four Asian cities, including Dhaka, are among those most vulnerable to everyday hazards, disasters and climate change amid rapid urbanisation in Asian co

The process to upgrade the 20-km Kathmandu-Sisdole road stretch has begun, the Kathmandu Metropolitan City says.

The stretch links Kathmandu with the Sisdole landfill site in Nuwakot.

At a time when poaching of tigers and rhinos has been rampant worldwide‚ Nepal has achieved zero poaching of rhinos‚ tigers and jumbos

Durbarmarg in central Kathmandu has witnessed a metamorphosis as solar powered lamps have been installed.

The Bagmati River cleanup campaign completed its 42 weeks today.