The objective of the present study is to assess the migrating behaviour of nickel and chromium through the soil collected around an ash-pond site through laboratory studies and an undertaking of contaminant (Nickel and Chromium)- soil interaction phenomena for unraveling the transport mechanism of nickel and chromium through soil and ground water with an attempt to validate 2 D mathematical modeli

Given the intensity of agriculture and the position of environmental degradation in the country it is necessary to strike balance between fertilizer use and developmental goals for the achievement of economic and environment sustainability. The development could be possible only through judicious management of natural resources without losing much on the pace of the present development.

The Gawda Kunbi Velip and Dhangar Federation of Colomba unit on Friday filed a complaint at the Quepem police against a mine operating at Gulkon Donger for releasing polluted water and mining silt into their agricultural fields.

The ability of Calocybe indica, to degrade lindane and imidacloprid was studied in a sandy loam soil. C. indica grew well in lindane and imidacloprid fortified soil, but growth rate decreased with increase in concentration of the insecticides.

The aim of the study was to find the adsorption and persistence behavior of metalaxyl in different soils of Karnataka.

A former US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) scientist is suing the agency's officials and researchers at the University of Georgia in Athens, alleging that they manufactured and published false data to support the use of potentially harmful sewage sludges as fertilizers. The sludges have been linked to health problems in humans and cattle

Some 30 years ago, as the United States began to tighten its environmental regulations on residential and industrial wastewater, operators of sewage-treatment plants embraced what seemed an eminently sensible idea. They decided to take the rich organic sludge left over after clean water is extracted and sell it to farmers as fertilizer. The programme might well be as sensible as it seems. It is possible that the millions of tonnes of sludge being spread across the rural landscape contain no significant levels of toxic chemicals, heavy metals or disease-causing organisms.

The proposed industrial coastal growth corridor as well as series of Special Economic Zones (SEZs) on the Andhra coast must be stopped immediately to protect the rights of common people, according to the Industrial Coastal Corridor Nirmana Vyat-hireka Porata Samiti. Speakers at the dharna organised by the committee near the district collectorate protesting against the corridor said here on Thursday that the corridor and the SEZs undermined the livelihood of the already marginalised communities.

The residents of a couple of localities in Madipakkam have urged the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board (TNPCB) and the Kancheepuram district administration to initiate action against the private oper

Due to increasing population, industrialization and urbanization a huge amount of solid waste is generated daily in cities and towns. In Guwahati city, the solid waste generated is disposed by Guwahati Municipal Corporation in the dumping site.