Karnataka farmer paid the price for resisting a polluting distillery, sand mining In early mornings, a portly old man would sneak into the fields in Chikballapur

The total and the migration concentration of lead (Pb), cadmium (Cd), copper (Cu), zinc (Zn), iron (Fe) and manganese (Mn) in 20 soil samples taken from the surrounding area of Aluminium Factory Podgorica, airports, asphalt plant and highroad in Zeta Valley (Montenegro) were determined.

A community guide to estimating radiation doses from residual radioactive contamination.

Throughout Sweet Land of Mine, the destructive role of the MoEF is reprised. This ministry has aided and abetted the overturning of every single piece of legislation designed to protect ecological systems and the communities of Goa. It has done so consistently from the mid-1980s when the Portuguese mining

Experiments are carried out to determine simultaneous one-dimensional spatial concentration distribution of spilled petroleum in three soils (sandy, loamy and topsoil) in the horizontal and vertical directions. It is shown that the horizontal spread is very slow and the volume of petroleum spilled has minimal effects on the extent of spread in the horizontal direction.

The industrial development and growing population in India is in demand of more energy. Coal based thermal power generation is a major source of energy and is expanding at a very high rate leading to over exploitation of coal reserves, which is causing adverse impacts on the environment.

people of Hebbagodi village in Anekal Taluk, Bangalore, are threatening to go on hunger strike if Biocon, a biotechnology firm, does not arrange for drinking water supply to the village. Underground water in Hebbagodi and five surrounding villages is contaminated and the residents allege it is primarily because of Biocon

Oregon shares first pesticides report after a nine-year political battle, the state of Oregon in the us has released its first accounting of pesticides use. Over 40 million pounds (18 million kgs) of pesticides, fumigants, herbicides and insecticides were used in the state

The ability for heavy metals removal by C. odorata and V. zizanioides grown on contaminated soil and synthetic contaminated soil in experimental pots was investigated. Both contaminated and uncontaminated soils, for preparing the synthetic contaminated soil in this study, were obtained from Mae Sot district, Tak province.

Radioactive waste spills over into fields in Jharkhand about 4 hectares of agricultural land in Talsa village near Jamshedpur looks jaundiced. The soil has turned light yellow and villagers fear it might have gone barren. On June 17, radioactive waste from a pond of the Uranium Corporation of India Limited (ucil) spilled over and deluged the village pond and well. Fearing radioactive