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oil shock: Four fuel stations in Massachusetts, USA, have been fined US $600,000 for failure to clean up spills of petrol and other petroleum products. The stations in Medford and Meldon areas of

A subsidiary of the central ministry of coal in Assam is steadily refusing to compensate for crop damages wrought by its open-cast mining. This is after the Gauhati High Court told the company to pay

Preliminary study on the ammonium-biocarbonate di-ethylene-triamine penta acetic acid extractable heavy metals and their relationship with different soil properties were observed in twenty-one surface samples of newly established location of S.K. University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology of Jammu, at Chattha.

Assam Polyester Co-operative Society Limited (APOL) is situated at Rangia, which is at a distance of about 55 km from Guwahati, Assam. The mill discharges it treated effluent to the vast open area existing in the western side of the mill. People are having agricultural activities in western side of the mill and they complain very often about decreasing production from the land after the mill started operation.

The article discusses the solution to plastic bag pollution problems in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. When plastic bags clog the waterways they create bacteria-infected cesspits that further contaminate the already unclean water.

For 40 years the story of Brofiscin Quarry

I wrote last fortnight about how mining in Goa for iron ore was ripping its forests and devastating its people. I wrote of the violence and protests I saw in its villages, where miners were pitted against people angry at the loss of their cultivable lands and their water bodies. I had asked then

While mining continues to exploit mineral-rich areas and impoverish their people, a government panel ignores these costs to focus on fast-tracking private investment in the sector.
By Chandra Bhushan

We were standing between a massive mine and a stunning water reservoir. Local activists were explaining to me that this iron ore mine was located in the catchment of the Salaulim water reservoir, the only water source for south Goa. Suddenly, as I started clicking with my camera, we were surrounded by a jeepload of men. They said they were from the mine management and wanted us off the property.