A research team at the University of Minnesota in USA found antibiotics in plants. The root of the problem was in the soil: manure from animals that were administered antibiotics. The plants

dow Chemical has been asked to clean-up its act in the us. It's been charged with spreading contaminants. This comes soon after a row in India over shifting of toxic waste from the Union Carbide

on april 13, 2007, residents of Achen, a locality in Srinagar, and the municipal authorities agreed that three new dumpsites should be set up in three zones of the city, to supplement the

To reach Hairpur, a remote fishing village along the West Bengal coast, one has to get off the main road and walk 2.5 km over a broad mud dyke. Access to this path is blocked by a log barrier.

• China refuted a recent US National Academy of Sciences report, which notes that a new strain of the H5N1 bird flu virus has emerged in southern China. • Argentine President Nestor