Exposure to traffic-related air pollutants is an important public health issue. Here, the researchers present a systematic review and meta-analysis of research examining the relationship of measures of nitrogen oxides and of various measures of traffic related air pollution exposure with lung cancer.

KARACHI: National and international health experts at a two-day research symposium on cancer that opened at the Aga Khan University on Wednesday expressed their concern over increase in lung and br

Saving up for an extravagant vacation? You might want to quit smoking to help pay for it.

Air pollution inside the home is putting people at risk of developing heart disease, cancer and breathing problems, experts have today warned.

The Times of India newspaper carried a cartoon this month of U.S. President Barack Obama wearing a gas mask when he attends the Republic Day parade in New Delhi on Jan. 26.

Air pollution caused by traffic and industry may increase the risk of developing lung cancer, research said today.

Lung cancer survival rates are worse in every part of the UK than in most of Europe and other wealthy countries, while breast cancer survival is now up with the best, according to a study comparing

A large number of doctors in Delhi this year are appealing for a cracker-free Diwali. Advocating ‘No Diwali crackers, no lung cancer’ for the city this festival season, Dr.

The Supreme Court has ruled for the first time ever that compensation for health issues related to asbestos poisoning is the responsibility of the Japanese government

LONDON – Lung cancer can lie dormant for more than 20 years before turning deadly, helping explain why a disease that kills more than 1.5 million a year worldwide is so persistent and difficult to