The report also called for strengthening measures against inefficient modes of transport, household fuel and waste burning

GENEVA — The World Health Organization says more than nine out of 10 people worldwide live in areas with excessive air pollution, contributing to problems like strokes, heart disease and lung cance

Come 2030 and fuels we use today would have made air so toxic with pollutants that it would be close to impossible to live and move without oxygen kit as a permanent burden and part of lifestyle.

Local observatory Maat for Peace, Development and Human Rights brings the plight of Helwan residents who live near cement factories to the forefront following frequent complaints from residents.

Climate change is likely to kill 250,000 more people each year by 2030, latest assessment by the World Health Organisation (WHO) shows.

Premature deaths from air pollution will continue to rise to 2040 unless changes are made to the way the world uses and produces energy, the International Energy Agency said on Monday.

Jaipur: Lung cancer among male geriatric population is the most prevalent malignancy, a study conducted in Sawai Man Singh Hospital has revealed.

Living close to landfill sites can increase your risk of dying from lung cancer, scientists claim.

Less toxic than processed and red meat.

Delhi ranks 9th; Iran’s Zabol, plagued by dust storms, worst on WHO list