More than 3 million people die prematurely each year from outdoor pollution and without action deaths will double by 2050

Only Germany and Poland have higher CO2 emissions and health costs from coal-fired power plants than the UK, new study finds

The SQUIRE trial demonstrated that adding necitumumab to chemotherapy for patients with metastatic squamous cell lung cancer (mSqCLC) increased median overall survival by 1.6 months (hazard ratio, 0.84). However, the costs and value associated with this intervention remains unclear. Value-based pricing links the price of a drug to the benefit that it provides and is a novel method to establish prices for new treatments.

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BEIJING, June 29 (Xinhua) -- Cancer has been the leading cause of death among residents in Beijing during the past eight years, Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning said Monda

Noida: With World Environment Day on June 5, a group of scientists have expressed concern over the toxic air in Delhi and the national capital region (NCR).

Incidence of new cases in India half the global figure

Studies have shown that both air pollution and impaired lungs can cause cognitive deficits. A new study shows that air pollution directly affects cognition and is not mediated by lung function.

Deaths due to air pollution have increased fourfold across the globe over the past decade, the latest assessment by the World Health Organization shows.

Lung adenocarcinomas from never smokers account for approximately 15 to 20% of all lung cancers and these tumors often carry genetic alterations that are responsive to targeted therapy. Here we examined mutation status in 10 oncogenes among 89 lung adenocarcinomas from never smokers. We also screened for oncogene fusion transcripts in 20 of the 89 tumors by RNA-Seq. In total, 62 tumors had mutations in at least one of the 10 oncogenes, including EGFR (49 cases, 55%), K-ras (5 cases, 6%), BRAF (4 cases, 5%), PIK3CA (3 cases, 3%), and ERBB2 (4 cases, 5%).

Hazardous air particles blamed for asthma and breathing problems show up in the Chinese capital at a rate of more than double the national target, an environmental watchdog said on Thursday, accord