The International Monetary Fund (imf) will write off the us $3.3 billion owed to it by all but one of the 20 poorest countries in the world. The write-off, slated to come into effect from early


East Africa should tap its large cogeneration potential, burning waste from its sugar and tea output to cut reliance on hydro power, which is increasingly hit by drought, an energy analyst said on Wednesday.

Ever since hurricane Katrina, it has been an open secret: the old, the poor and immigrants suffer most when natural disasters hit the US.

pm halts road: Mauritius' prime minister Navin Ramgoolam has announced a halt to construction of a 25-km highway running through Ferney Valley, which helps to speed up journeys to tourist resorts.

Mauritius-based Galana Petroleum company has been put to trial in Madagascar for causing pollution. The trial began on November 16, 2004. Galana's oil refinery is charged with contaminating water