Researchers must take a more aggressive approach to counter shoddy journalism and set the scientific record straight, says Simon L. Lewis.

IPCC members considered the best way to quantify uncertainty. They are not alone in needing to do so

This paper describes the institutional and resource challenges and opportunities in getting different sectors in eThekwini Municipality (the local government responsible for planning and managing the city of Durban) to recognize and respond to their role in climate change adaptation.

Cereal stocks are up, the harvest for wheat is the most plentiful in years, and fuel prices are low - yet food prices have been climbing. Although food prices are less than half of the historical peaks of 2007-2008, some governments and traders are leading the charge to hedge against a shortage.

Climatologists can't just hope that the public will regain trust in their work. They need to go on a PR offensive, says Bob Ward.

Much research has now been conducted into the representation of climate change in the media. Specifically, the communication of climate change from scientists and policy-makers to the public via the mass media has been a subject of major interest because of its implications for creating national variation in public understanding of a global environmental issue.

Social media are changing the world in which we work,        socialise and govern, and in many different ways. From      Twitter to eBay, Facebook to YouTube, new tools are emerging every year that place the connecting power of the internet in the hands of every one of us.

What does Bhilwara have that the rest of rural India needs?

This handbook is designed for media professionals who are interested in issues regarding disaster risk reduction. It aims to help conceptualize the risks, expand knowledge on how to incorporate disaster risk reduction in current programmes, and design and develop appropriate programmes to communicate the risk with relevant audiences.

Civil society and the media are unfairly blaming a government nutrition programme I have been a political journalist for over three decades. Only recently have I become familiar with the nitty gritty of development reporting. The manner in which malnutrition is covered by a section of the media has come as an eye opener. It appears those who report on the subject generally confine