At the crack of dawn on November 12, a group of colourfully-clothed people took to the streets in Los Angeles and New York to distribute a copy of The New York Times. The paper carried an eye-catching headline: Iraq war ends. It also had a story saying all Americans were being given free healthcare. The papers were dated July 4, 2009. They were fake. A group called Yes Men, known in the us

Who embraced common sense and cut agricultural costs MEDIA outfits, like other kinds of institutions, have their ways of identifying themselves with a better world. This is when magazines and newspaper move beyond what they can show through reportage. They launch into a campaign, push into the reader

Are there public health consequences when regulators turn a blind eye to cross border advertising that contravenes national laws? Although Canada prohibits direct to consumer advertising of prescription drugs, no steps are taken to prevent US advertising from reaching the Canadian public. The linked study by Law and colleagues (doi: 10.1136/bmj.a1055), provides compelling evidence that this does have consequences for public health and of the need for better regulatory oversight. (Editorial)

The objective of the study was to assess the impact of direct to consumer advertising of prescription drugs in the United States on Canadian prescribing rates for three heavily marketed drugs—etanercept, mometasone, and tegaserod.

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Bold Thailand checks the spread of HIV while India still shies from acknowledging the problem among the many differences between Thailand and India, is the way that the two countries tackle hiv/aids. Indians created a ruckus when actor Richard Gere kissed actress Shilpa Shetty during an hiv/aids awareness meeting in 2007. The meeting only advocated safe sex. The kiss, a symbol of

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Scientific evidence from hundreds of studies over the past 25 years confirms that breastfeeding

Radio and television announcements advised patients with surgical problems in the rural areas of Osun State, Nigeria, to report at any of the nine zonal headquarters of the state which were closest to their homes in order to receive free treatment. Over 1000 patients reported and 801 received operations on a rotational basis within nine weeks.

11 pm, any day of the week. Surf Indian news channels and you will find nothing but dramatized crime stories in gory details. If you want to catch up with any news other than crime at this hour, you do not have much of a choice. This is just one example television rating points or trps influencing the content of television channels in a manner that leaves little choice for viewers. trps

do we deserve what we are shown on television? Or: how are tv programms created? The answer goes at least two ways. There is the intuitive route: what a journalist