Social sciences are vastly neglected in the country. So it's refreshing when a school organizes a history exhibition. The Thanjammal Memorial Elementary School in Tiruchi organized one such

The bruising treatment of youngsters in many parts of the world, and the use of child soldiers in war-torn parts of Africa emerged as a recurring theme at the 10-day Berlin International Film THE MIDDLE PATH There are many countries with malnourished and starving people; there are also some with overweight and obese people. This

Google has thrown a lifebelt to its floundering rival Yahoo! by proposing a partnership between the two Internet search rivals as a way to escape Microsoft's us $44.6 billion takeover bid. Google's

Fed up with what they see as biased and distorted reporting, a group of Malaysians has launched a campaign urging the public to boycott newspapers ahead of a general elections slated for March 2008.

A 150-year-old aboriginal artefact was unveiled at the South Australian Museum in Adelaide recently. The Wokali bark shield belonged to the Kaurna people of the Adelaide plains and dates back to the

This is a message that has both sermons and promises. "Stop polluting the Yamuna now,' it says. We don't have to look far for the target of this admonition. Alongside is a non-descript person washing

ngos have come to the assistance of female candidates contesting Kenya's general elections by helping them deal better with the media. Only18 of the 222 legislators in the country's last parliament

Information is at a premium in Sri Lanka, especially authentic news, fast and quick. With the government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (ltte) waging full-blown battles in the Villages for