Folk healers in North-East use plants to treat infections, cancer

The city is all set to get greener. The Noida Authority has set a target of adding nearly 500 acres of green cover to the city in the current financial year.


The aim of this study is to determine the phytochemical and antioxidants properties, moisture, protein, fat, ash, crude fibre, acidity, TSS, pH and calcium content of wild fruits namely water apple (Syzygium aqueum) and chappathikalli (Opuntia ficusindica) and it was collected from Kodaikanal hills, Tamilnadu, India. The total phenolic contents from water apple and chappathikalli fruits extract, determined following the Folin-ciocalteu assay were found in the range of 28.80 –30.70 mg/100g and 55.40 to 55.10 mg/100g.

Just as the government struggles to find some middle ground on Genetically Modified crops, there is a fresh twist to the politically sensitive issue.

Seeking to bring students closer to nature and inculcate in them a sense of urgency to protect environment, the Union environment and forests ministry on Monday launched the 'School Nursery Yojana'

Unauthorized use of natural resources is a key threat to many protected areas. Approaches to reducing this threat include law enforcement and integrated conservation and development (ICD) projects, but for such ICDs to be targeted effectively, it is important to understand who is illegally using which natural resources and why. The nature of unauthorized behavior makes it difficult to ascertain this information through direct questioning.

Conservation of natural resources has been an integral part of several indigenous communities in different parts of the world. Nature worship has been a key force in determining human attitudes towards conservation and sustainable utilization of biodiversity. Many traditional conservation practices are being followed by indigenous people around the world protecting trees, herbs, shrubs and small forest patches by dedicating them to the local deity or incorporating them with religious or associating them with evil spirits.

Medicinal plant trade is important for local livelihoods. However, many medicinal plants are difficult to identify when they are sold as roots, powders or bark. DNA barcoding involves using a short, agreed-upon region of a genome as a unique identifier for species– ideally, as a global standard.

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The state government targets to bring 8712.45 hectares of additional area under the forest cover. It will spend Rs 45 crore to enhance the green cover during the financial year..