The death toll from a meningitis epidemic in Burkina Faso rose to 432 in the third week of March with 4,958 people affected by the disease. Seven other West African countries

In the African meningitis belt, epidemics of meningococcal disease occur periodically, although unpredictably, every few years. These epidemics continue to cause havoc but new efforts to control the disease, through the use of conjugate vaccines, are being made.

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Universal vaccination became part of government policy in 1978. A quarter of a century since, progress has been fitful. In some parts of the country the south especially progress has been impressive, but in two of the most populous states Bihar and

Emerging scenarios, new dilemmas

the good dose: As per a study by the US-based National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, a combination of three drugs

Thousands of Africans fall prey to meningitis every year. A major initiative was launched this week by the World Health Organization ( who ) to control the recurring cycle of cerebrospinal

After wreaking havoc in Nigeria, spinal meningitis has spread to a dozen other countries close to the Sahara, from Mali and Burkina Faso in the west to Sudan in the east. According to

A meningitis epidemic has broken out in the country claiming more than 2,655 lives, most of them children, says a recent World Health Organization (WHO) report. At least 20 million Nigerians

Seasonal outbreaks of meningitis at the beginning of each year is not quite unusual in West Africa. This year too, the disease -- which affects the brain and the spinal cord -- has already claimed