Higher levels of pollution in Asia may affect the formation of clouds high in the Himalayas, perhaps disrupting monsoons and speeding a thaw of glaciers, according to a study on Monday.

During the southwest monsoon (June to September) season of 2005 in Bangalore City, 32 bulk precipitation samples were collected from two sampling stations. Concentrations of major cations and anions were determined.

When Sted Syiemlieh was a little boy, people in his mountain village, Tyrna, a few km from Cherrapunjee in Meghalaya, could predict when the skies would open up. "It was always at the same time,' the

Pollution from Africa and Indonesia reaches Indian Ocean region in monsoon transition periods

Have Indian meteorologists at last found their role model ? After getting a lot of flak from politicians and the public for last year s erroneous prediction of rainfall, the New Delhi based India Meteorological Department has revamped its monsoon forecas

Goa trawler owners protest against fishing ban during monsoon proves to be a damp squib

Complexities of the season

Experts follow the world's longest venomous snake, with a bite potent enough to kill an elephant, through the rain forests of peninsular India. The programme explores the relationship between

Annual rainfall is declining in some parts of the country and increasing in others. While the overall effect may be negligible, such trends could result in significant changes locally.