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New method to forecast monsoon early

Cloud seeding is a safe but improbable method to enhance rains

ACT APPRAISED: Members across the political spectrum participated in a constructive debate on the Panchayati Raj Act during the otherwise stormy monsoon session of parliament. They reviewed 10 years

Orissa's rain festival

First there was the mounting suspense. All of India awaited with bated breath the arrival of the south west monsoon. Would it arrive? Miraculously, politicians went into intricate calculations: would the bounty be enough to sustain the GDP growth projecte

Extreme climate events such as aridity, drought, flood, cyclone and stormy rainfall are expected to leave an impact on human society. They are also expected to generate widespread response to adapt and mitigate the sufferings associated with these extremes.

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The column width dedicated to rain in the mainstream print media has hit an all time high. A few days ago, television news reporters with that special ability to capture and re create frenzy planted themselves on Kerala s beaches, not chasing a vacation

a new method that used the Bangladesh monsoon to make a monsoon prediction model could end the woes of millions of farmers. The method was used for the first time to produce forecasts of 20-25 days

• Since 1987, India has had 14