Global warming has been a debatable subject of recent years, of which Dehra Dun is not an exception. This year, 2007, has experienced the hottest 26th January in last 77 years.

India mostly gets eastward winds. In summer, a low pressure centre forms over north India and north Southeast Asia when the sun heats up the earth. Cold air from the Arabian Sea replaces the hot air

Floods in the mountain kingdom of Nepal? It sounds unlikely, but Nepal has a low-lying region called Terai, and much of it has been submerged in the past week following intense rains during the south Asian monsoon. Even more surprisingly, Nepal is blaming its downstream neighbour, India, for the floods.

The onset of the monsoon is the crucial determinant for majority of farmers in rainfed areas of the country. With no access to irrigation or state support they have developed complex yet fascinating

The vegetation of India evolved in time and space due to geomorphologic changes and the interactions of climate and biotic changes. There is a close linkage between climate and biota. Jul-Dec 2007

In the backdrop of a changing climate, this report investigate whether the Indian summer monsoon is changing either in terms of duration or spatial coverage. Such an analysis specifically for the continental Indian region has both conceptual and societal implications, and has been lacking.

an archaic weather prediction model, giving out one national forecast for the country's six climatic zones, is fast losing its utility in the face of far more accurate models used by global

The concept of an interannually varying Indian summer monsoon season is introduced here, considering that the duration of the primary driving of the Indian monsoon - the large-scale meridional gradient of the deep tropospheric heat source - may vary from one year to another. Onset (withdrawal) is defined as the day when the tropospheric heat source shifts from south to north (north to south).

a group of Asian scientists has framed a new plan to set up a comprehensive system to approach the study of changing monsoon patterns in Asia. A piecemeal approach towards the subject so far has led