Being an integral effect of sub-seasonal rain spells over the season, the seasonal mean south Asian monsoon (SAM) rainfall could be affected by change in the length of the rainy season (LRS). An objective definition of the duration of the SAM season has, however, been lacking.

We attempt to synthesize available quantitative, precisely
dated and high-resolution palaeorecords of the South Asian summer monsoon from different natural archives, highlighting their similarities and differences.

The southwest monsoon current in the form of a crossequatorial
low level jetstream (LLJ) with its core at an altitude of about 1.5 km and core wind speeds of 80

The authors in this paper present a factual and a brief review of the extreme weather events that occurred in India during the last 100 years (1991-2004). The socio-economic impacts of the extreme weather events such as floods, droughts, cyclones, hail storm, thunderstorm, heat and cold waves have been increasing due to large growth of population and its migration towards urban

South Asian emissions of fossil fuel SO2 and black carbon increased

South Asian emissions of fossil fuel SO2 and black carbon increased

10th climate change meet shows how weak the will to combat global warming has become

But where s the imagination? And the data?

New model to predict monsoons in India

At a time when water levels in most of the country's reservoirs have plummeted below their 10-year average, the Union government still seems to be on the high it got from last year's