An early monsoon breaks a few myths

Are periods of drought in India linked to cyclical weather patterns

Measurements and models show that enhanced aerosol concentrations can augment cloud albedo not only by increasing total droplet cross-sectional area, but also by reducing precipitation and thereby increasing cloud water content and cloud coverage. Aerosol pollution is expected to exert a net cooling influence on the global climate through these conventional mechanisms. Here, we demonstrate an opposite mechanism through which aerosols can reduce

In the present study, the temporal patterns of monsoon floods on five large rivers of the Deccan Peninsula have been investigated. Analyses of the long-term annual maximum discharge/state data, available for the last 100 years or so, show non-random behaviour in terms of distinct periods of high and low floods.

Even as experts argue that seawalls are not an answer to coastal erosion, the Kerala government is planning another project

Indian meteorologists say the Pacific current El Ni o would not disrupt monsoons in India. Foreign experts disagree

With the delayed monsoons and the threat of drought looming large over India, K 81kram Singh's first independent feature film, Tarpan, was premiered in July at the most appropriate time.

The much awaited monsoon in Bangladesh spells doom for the nation

An ambitious masterplan to tackle Bombay's perennial water-logging problem during its ferocious monsoons will use an innovative, sub-surface "no dig" technology. The new system, part of a Rs

A 4.80 m long shallow water sediment core, collected from the inner shelf (at 22 m water depth) off Karwar, near Kali river mouth is studied for foraminiferal tracers of palaeomonsoons. The climate history of this core which represents the last 4,500 years approximately revealed the evidences of a significant change in the intensity of the precipitation around 2,000 years BP.