The nation stands together behind the residents of Chennai, but will the latest floods improve India's preparedness for similar natural disasters in the future?

Nature's Warning : Sunita Narain on Tamil nadu Rain.

Generally, 'Nav Tapa' (the 9 hottest days) ends on 4th or 5th June and by June 10 the monsoon enters the state. But, this year, monsoon is yet to come. Looking into the delay of monsoon the energy department, anticipating such a situation three months ago, had instructed the Madhya Pradesh Power Trading Company and Madhya Pradesh Power Generating Company to prepare disaster management work plan.

Two-third of annual target achieved
A weak monsoon this year is proving a boon for the country

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Wednesday demanded an additional allocation of at least 300 Mega Watt power for the State from the Centre to tide over the drought like situation in wake of poor monsoon.

EVEN as the government increases focus on power generation from alternative sources, the results, due to a bad weather and fuel shortage, are not in favour. The country

Higher levels of pollution in Asia may affect the formation of clouds high in the Himalayas, perhaps disrupting monsoons and speeding a thaw of glaciers, according to a study on Monday.