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function table() { var popurl="image/20060930/10-table.jpg" winpops=window.open(popurl,"","width=450,height=450,scrollbars=yes") } the monsoon season in Assam is often time for

Less precipitation over fewer days in Orissa

Ram Ganga river water at 10 different sites at Moradabad were collected and analysed at pre monsoon period and after the onset of monsoon following standard methods of sampling and testing. River water is found to be contaminated with reference to almost all the physico-chemical parameters studied at almost all the sites of sampling for pre-monsoon period as well as after the onset of monsoon.

Quake hit areas of Pakistan threatened by landslide

A new study says that river linking will affect monsoons in the country

This paper has three parts: 

The tropical monsoon rhythm for over centuries obviously occasioned the development of water works which facilitated wet rice cultivation in pre-modern Southeast Asia.

Being an integral effect of sub-seasonal rain spells over the season, the seasonal mean south Asian monsoon (SAM) rainfall could be affected by change in the length of the rainy season (LRS). An objective definition of the duration of the SAM season has, however, been lacking.

We attempt to synthesize available quantitative, precisely
dated and high-resolution palaeorecords of the South Asian summer monsoon from different natural archives, highlighting their similarities and differences.