A study conducted in 45 villages in the central Himalayas assesses the current status of van panchayats, an old institution of decentralised forest governance. It finds that locals are indifferent to the administrative jurisdiction of the forest in the course of their resource extraction activities. There is no quantitative evidence that they are exercising restraint while accessing and using locally governed forests. Collective rule violation appears to be common. May 3-9, 2008

NAINITAL town's Naini lake is shrinking and its water becoming increasingly murky. The quality of water in the lake, which is the sole source of drinking water for the people of the town, has

Cheap land driving industry in terai

If soil quarrying is a threat in the terai, mining poses huge hazards in the hills of Kumaon. Soapstone or talc and magnesite quarries have been taking over commons for over two decades, depriving local people of large tracts of the forestland, pasture, watersheds and farming land.

Water samples from Gaula river and water accumulated in the tension cracks of the nearby hill side which are prone to slide due to complex geotechnical problems and later converge in the river near Amiya village, Nainital district, Uttaranchal, have been analysed geochemically, in order to understand the quality of water and level of contamination.

Five tuskers fall victim to poachers in a hunting ground called the Corbett Tiger Reserve. Authorities grope in the dark with little ammunition

Even cattle dare not ingest the water of the Naini lake

The controversy around the Kandi road through the Corbett Tiger Reserve

Uttaranchal village relieved

Intervention of the highest court in the land has finally ensured that the beautiful hill resort of Nainital -- marred by various polluting agents -- still retained its pristine splendour. A petition