After neglecting the north east for years, Delhi now feels the need to initiate developmental activities in the region. There is good reason. Indo Chinese ties are improving. Moreover, a sub regional economic grouping comprising India, China, Myanmar

Northeast India occupies 8 per cent of the country s geographic area, and supports 3.8 per cent of India s total population 2001 census figures . The average population density of the Northeast is 149 persons per square kilometre sq km , a figure far be

A NORTHEAST TAPESTRY: SIX DOCUMENTARIES ON THE NORTHEAST BY INDEPENDENT FILMMAKERS. Produced by Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU). India International Centre, New

Jhum farming destroys forest cover in northeast India

Farmers care for the hill slopes only when the hills provide livelihood a simple lesson that has been forgotten

Science needs to come home scientists need to address the concerns of the local communities

this is an interesting monograph. It combines historical ethnography with archaeo

Avian diversity in the Northeast is better off with shifting cultivation than selective logging and monoculture forests

The Union government asks the Supreme Court to lift the interim ban on tree felling amid growing pressure from the northeastern states

THE book is a compilation of 42 papers contributed by social, physical and environment scientists who are working with issues that confront the Himalayas. The first three papers deal with the