When Sted Syiemlieh was a little boy, people in his mountain village, Tyrna, a few km from Cherrapunjee in Meghalaya, could predict when the skies would open up. "It was always at the same time,' the

An extensional survey of Thoubal District was conducted during Oct to Mar 2004-2005 to collect the input data for production of various rabi crops. A questionnaire was prepared and farmers were interviewed personally regarding the necessary information. The various agricultural operations were converted in form of energy.

Ethnic conflicts have dogged India since independence. The problem has attracted a lot of scholarship. Amarjyoti Borah talks to two eminent academics who have looked at the problem. Ram Dayal Munda,

The northeast has been badly affected by ethnic strife. DILIP GOGOI of Cotton College, Guwahati, on its vulnerability Are ethnic conflicts more frequent in the northeast compared to other parts

the Sikkim government has come out with a notification delegating power to local communities for the protection of lakes in the state. But doubts have been raised about its legality. "The rising

That’s what Tripura’s tribals get for a resource that is theirs

Can bamboo become the basis of a thriving industry? Can the northeast cash in the most?

The Apatanis manage their forests well. So, they never have to buy wood from markets

Government juggles with data to rehash Northeast India s industrial policy

That nobody has bothered about