The difference between the position of the Australian and the United States governments on climate change looks stark.

The United States, United Kingdom and Netherlands will float a plan this week requiring new coal-fired power plants to meet a carbon pollution standard in order to receive public funding from the w


ExxonMobil, one of the oil companies whose stance on climate change disclosure has been under scrutiny from investors, has revealed that it expects the implied cost of CO2 emissions to reach $80 pe

Global carbon emissions are set to rise by 29% by 2035 as a result of a 41% increase in energy consumption, according to BP's Energy Outlook report.

India ranks 69th in the Global Energy Architecture Performance Index 2014, that analyses how well energy systems in countries promote economic growth, sustainability and access to energy.

This report organised by issues such as: climate change, air pollution, biodiversity and water resources, waste offers a comprehensive snapshot of key environmental trends in OECD member countries since the early 1990s and finds big differences in environmental trends in different countries. Read full report.

Study finds cost of alternatives such as feed-in tariffs, industry regulation and subsidies can be ‘substantially higher’

Wind power could generate up to 18% of the world's electricity by 2050, compared with 2.6% today, according to new IEA research.

Global spending to combat climate change fell last year and remains far below the level needed to prevent its most dangerous effects, a report by the Climate Policy Initiative said on Tuesday.