Print pesticide levels on soft drinks, court orders colas

The occurrence of organochlorine compounds in the food chain has already been reported in several studies. This class of organic compounds constitutes one of the most important groups of dangerous organic contaminants.

A report of analysis of pesticide residues in soft drinks conducted by Centre for Science and Environment(CSE), was made public on 5th August, 2003. This Report was covered very prominently by both electronic and print media. In the Report it was stated that CSE found pesticide residues, in the samples of 12 soft drinks brands procured by it from open market in Delhi.

Bureau of Indian Standards frames draft norms for pesticide residues in soft drinks

Fixing of norms for pesticides in soft drinks delayed further

HANS JEURING is the chairperson of Codex Committee on Pesticides Residue CCPR . It is responsible for establishing maximum limits for pesticide residues in food commodities, and comes under the Codex Alimentarius Commission CAC a UN body that sets fo

Swearing by them is nothing more than laziness and deception of regulators

US plays the spoiler at Codex meet

Estimates of short term pesticide exposure require revision

Whenever the issue of how to end pollution is raised, it hits a block: technology. Take the case of air pollution: among other things, the issue boiled down to catalytic convertors, an imported technology. Now that the spectre of contaminated water stares