Who follows the public hearing procedures? Neither the government nor the project promoters

Right to information and transparency in eia c> are critical for public participation in development projects

Under the Environmental Impact Assessment Notification, 1994, amended in 1997, the company seeking environmental clearance submits to the concerned state pollution control board (SPCB) an executive

The Rajasthan Assembly recently passed the Right to Information Bill. But will it make state records more accessible to the public?

The Supreme Court has dropped contempt proceedings against Karnataka chief minister S M Krishna following an apology made by him. Krishna had commented on the height of the Almatti dam despite a

Vaccine trials in a Madhya Pradesh government hospital are making children sick. Down To Earth finds out that harmful chemicals in high amounts is the culprit.

The study was under taken with an objective to assess the impact of self-developed Environmental information empowerment package (EIEP) on environment protection through gain in knowledge of farm families. The present study was conducted in rural areas of Rajasthan. A sample of a mixed group of 30 willing farm men and women were identified data was collected by the self-developed questionnaire.

Despite the state administration

But no right to information

The Delhi Right to Information Bill 2001 is not without loopholes