During the last week of June 2008, central and northern California experienced thousands of forest and brush fires, giving rise to a week of severe fire-related particulate air pollution

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Chennai: The level of respirable suspended particulate matter (RSPM) in ambient air at a traffic intersection in T.Nagar during the 24-hour period ending 6 a.m. on Saturday was 137 microgram/cubic metre.

The permissible limit for RSPM is 100 microgram/cubic metre.

The main objective of this analysis was to demonstrate the schematics of the modeling approach in understanding the contribution of brick kiln emissions in Dhaka, the

Asia's increasing population and economic growth has meant that the energy demand is doubling every 10 years, which is more than twice the world average, resulting in an increased risk of human exposure to higher air pollution from fossil fuel burning. In

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This paper by SIM-air presents the past and the current air quality management in Delhi, India, including the discussions on the air pollution levels, sources of air pollution, and policy interventions of the past and on-going. It is based on a presentation delivered at the BioVision Conference in Lyon, France, in March, 2009.

CHENNAI: The level of respirable suspended particulate matter (RSPM) in the ambient air at residential area in Adyar and traffic intersection in V. Nagar recently was 30 microgram/cubic metre and 185 microgram/cubic metre respectively. The permissible limit is 100 microgram/cubic metre, according to a press release from Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board.

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Long-term human exposure to ambient pollutants can be an important contributing or etiologic factor of many chronic diseases. Spatiotemporal estimation (mapping) of long-term exposure at residential areas based on field observations recorded in the U.S.