Women & Sanitation

Uttar Pradesh chief minister Mayawati has resigned. She s ended, as a newspaper put it, her third honeymoon with the Bharatiya Janata Party, a coalition partner. It is being said the Taj corridor stink is partly responsible for this fresh round of polit

Toilet rule fails in Karnataka panchayats

A novel project in Kerala tries to introduce a sanitation technology that promises a cleaner and healthier environment

The natural water supply and sanitation programme initiated by the Indian government is an effort to solve sanitation problems and wastewater disposal in rural areas. In the absence of proper drains,

Nepal will receive a US $18.28 million

The seventh World Toilet Conference got over in Delhi on November 2. The theme of the four-day summit was

"Humne khule mein shauch jaane ki pratha chhod di hai (We have stopped defecating in the open)'. Painted against a whitewashed wall of the primary school in Baruki village, Uttar Pradesh's Bijnaur

Of poverty, life in India has improved little over the past decade, reports the planning commission's National Human Development Report 2001