In this book, there is a departure from empiricism and the emphasis is on the collection of data and analysis of the hydrological factors involved and promote hydrological design on sound principles and understanding of the science, for conservation and utilisation of water resources. Hydrological designs may be made by deterministic, probabilistic and stochastic approaches but what is more important is a matured judgement to understand and avoid what is termed as unusual meteorological combination.

Rainfed agriculture productivity has constrained even in watershed areas after the termination of the watershed development activities in most places in India due to lack of exit mechanism and social regulation on use of groundwater. Under high risk, low productivity and fragile rainfed farming situation, 'water bodies' are found to be the way out after watersheds.

Soil is a major component of any aquatic environment, which not only holds water for aquatic animals but also enriches the water body with various nutrients required for biological production.

A lot of wash load comes to the streams during the rainy season due to the erosion of soil from the catchment and known to flow practically without settling on the streambed. The presence of wash load is known to affect the resistance to the flow. The effect of its presence on transport of bed material load is not well known. The present paper is devoted to a review of the studies regarding concept of wash load, changes in resistance to flow due to the presence of wash load, the effect of presence of fines in suspension on the transport of bed-material.

The Sethusamudram Ship Canal Project (SSCP) is a 167 km long shipping canal, and envisages the creation of a navigable canal from the Gulf of Mannar to the Bay of Bengal to facilitate the movement of ships. The proposed SSCP site is located in a globally significant marine ecosystem – the Gulf of Mannar Biosphere Reserve, one of world's richest marine biological resources.

ON September 22, around 50,000 people gathered at Kharo Chaan, 150 km southeast of Karachi in Pakistan, for quite an unprecedented festival

The Upper Tana River Basin is one of Kenya's most important natural resource bases. Its Masinga Reservoir supplies water and hydroelectric power for 65 percent of the nation. Unregulated deforestation and expansion of cultivation practices onto marginal soils has resulted in significant reservoir siltation,

The large agrarian population of West Bengal drink groundwater with arsenic content anywhere between 0.05 and 3.7 mg/L. Greater than 44% of this population suffers from arsenic related diseases like conjunctivitis, melanosis, hyperkeratosis, and hyper pigmentation. In certain areas gangrene in the limb, malignant neoplasm and even skin

Any reduction in water spread area at a specified elevation over a time period is indicative of sediment deposition at this level. This when integrated over a range of water stages helps in computing volume of storage lost through sedimentation. This study relates to estimation of capacity loss due to sedimentation of Hirakud reservoir, located in Orissa, India.

More than 131 x 106 metric tons (MT) of inorganic sediments accumulated in coastal wetlands when Hurricanes Katrina and Rita crossed the Louisiana coast in 2005, plus another 281 x 106 MT when accumulation was prorated for open water area.