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S. Ganesan

D.M. Mohabey, Director, Palaeontology Division, Geological Survey of India, delivering a lecture at the Bharathidasan University in Tiruchi on Wednesday.

Management courses are changing; they are becoming shorter, crisper and much more focused. As several sectors in India flourish, from retail and fashion to finance and risk management, the need for creating a competent manpower with domain knowledge is becoming imperative.

Degradation of

The Shahjahanabad Redevelopment Corporation is putting in place 3-dimensional Geographic Information System (GIS) for round-the-clock monitoring of 1,200 monuments under its ambit. The idea is being seen as a comprehensive solution to check encroachment and damage to the city

Express News Service

LUCKNOW: The chance discovery of a Jurassic nest by geologists in Tamil Nadu reiterates Darwin's philosophy of "nothing is constant'', incidentally in the 200th year of the `Theory of Evolution'. Underscoring this thought, noted geologist Prof Ashok Sahni, on Thursday, hailed the discovery by Periyar University researchers.

Hundreds Of Dino Egg Clusters Found
Radha Venkatesan | TNN

Coimbatore: Geologists in Tamil Nadu have stumbled upon a Jurassic treasure trove buried in the sands of a river bed. Sheer luck led them to hundreds of fossilized dinosaur eggs, perhaps 65 million years old, underneath a stream in a tiny village in Ariyalur district.

Fossil remains of dinosaurs and dinosaurs eggs found at the nesting site near Ariyalur by a research team of Periyar University

New Delhi: Qutub Minar will now come under intense scrutiny for keeping tabs on the extent of its tilt. After requests from the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), a team of experts from Central Building Research Institute (CBRI), Roorkee will arrive in Delhi next month and conduct a periodical study of the 13th century monument to assess the tilt and ensure it has not aggravated.

In 1946, a team of India