Though the world's attention is focussed on the degradation of tropical forests as a major contributor to global warming, the depletion of boreal forests may also be playing a role.

Indiscriminate tree felling, mining and quarrying, and widespread wastage of land resources seem to be increasing the incidence of landslides in the Indian subcontinent

WESTERN nations are worried about increasing international migration. Says a 1992 document of Western nations, "Migration is now seen as a priority issue equal in political weight to other major

Sandwiched between an encroaching sea and dams that prevent silt from reaching it, the Nile delta seems doomed.

CHIPKO was the culmination of a century of popular resistance to commercial forestry in the Uttarakhand Himalaya. And its timing was right. Unlike past movements, Chipko's underlying message was

Cyclones that traverse the Indian peninsula from the Bay of Bengal to the Arabian Sea are a common enough feature. But over the past few years, the devastation they cause in Kanniyakumari district has increased because of deforestation.

PARTS of National Highway No 34 and Eastern Railway's Farakka-Jangipur track are being eroded by the Ganga. Also being worn away are the Farakka feeder canal, the Jangipur barrage and a 94-km

One man has helped transform a barren valley in Jammu into a veritiligle orchard


As envisaged in its common minimum programme (CMP), the Democratic Alliance of Nagaland (DAN) government will lay emphasis on diversification of agri and allied sectors to augment production and produ